Your software platform for next level process monitoring and advanced control

Quality by control

Qubicon reinvents data management, real-time monitoring and process control in biotechnological and pharmaceutical R&D laboratories as well as in entire GMP production facilities. Ultimately, the software enables you to move from raw data-driven to quality-based process decisions and control. A simple integration of all process-relevant devices over the entire process life cycle helps you to convert data into knowledge.

The all-in-one software solution

Central data platform

Qubicon automatically unifies data derived from online, at-line as well as offline equipment within one central data base. By interlinking all process and product relevant information within one system, it builds the foundation of improved workflows.

Quality data comparison

Qubicon takes monitoring of biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes to the next level by comparing live quality data to reference runs and calculating key performance indicators and soft sensors based on your models in real-time.

Flexible control

Qubicon helps you to improve your processes by giving you the opportunity to use relevant process information for endless control opportunities – even if several stand-alone devices are involved in your control task.

Product overview

  • Process comparison
    • Calculates and depicts deviations from other processes in real time
    • Golden batch comparison
    • Alerts if values differ from the reference range
    • Time offset functionality
    • Imports complete data sets
    • Depicts data from several processes in one chart
  • Data management and processing
    • Client-server architecture with unlimited access points
    • Libraries as main access to comprehensive database including meta information
    • Supports various communication interfaces and data protocols
    • Combines equipment in a flexible way
    • Integrates, processes and manages all process data
    • Imports complete data sets, single values or sampling data
  • Real-time monitoring
    • Online data from process units or additional analyzers
    • Equipment is directly connected via OPC UA or via PAT-Box
    • Prevents batch rejection
    • In-process product quality control
    • Dynamic manufacturing processes
  • Advanced process control
    • Real-time and retrospective individual calculations
    • Soft-Sensors, key performance indicators (KPIs), setpoints, process alerts
    • Model based and predictive control
    • State-of-the-art control strategies such as feed on demand
  • Data visualization
    • Data shown in real time
    • Wide range of visualization options
    • Rapidly accessible process overview
    • Process- and project-related chart organization
    • Up to five y-axes in one chart

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Qubicon Application

Process overview

Individual process parameters and variables, events, phase states and soft sensor calculations are displayed within the monitor module’s information tab. Access to detailed information about the respective process equipment, recipe and meta information is directly linked.

Process comparison

The real-time comparison of actual and reference processes provides grounds for more profound decision-making.

Time-shift functionality

Process data can be easily aligned using customized time-shifts for each curve.

Real-time calculations

Individual key performance indicators (KPIs), advanced mathematical models and Soft-Sensors can be applied to running processes and historic data using the Python scripting language


The sampling functionality enables the auto generation of unique sampling IDs at specific time points. If necessary, users have the possibility to define their own external IDs and thus directly display them as QR or bar codes.

Login screen

The software enables a web-based data access and analysis from different R&D and production sites around the world within your own network. User identification and authentication upon login as well as activity tracking ensure a high standard of security and compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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Research Paper

"Quality by control: Towards model predictive control of mammalian cell culture bioprocesses."

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