We help you to setup and digitize your lab

First we want to understand your workflow, then we create a plan together

What we offer

We assist you to setup a new lab or optimize your current workflow

Are you planning a new lab?

Are you expanding your lab equipment?

Or do you already have all the devices and would like to connect them or integrate them into one software?

We bring a lot of experience and passion for digital visions and offer not only conceptual, strategic and technological expertise but also real hands-on solution orientation. Together with you, we identify challenges, opportunities and ideas and develop innovative concepts.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a completely new software solution with which you can network your entire lab or whether you only want to connect individual devices to enable control loops, we are familiar with all common devices and know what interfaces they have and how to use them. This allows a detailed viewing and analysis for the further development of your processes or even completely new ideas.

Digital solutions are the focus of all our considerations and with our help your needs and workflows will be streamlined.

Our services

  • Process definition
    • Process analysis
    • Definition of challenges
    • Opportunities for improvement
    • Future possibilities
  • Lab definition
    • Floorplan setup
    • Equipment
    • Vendor communication
    • IT infrastructure
    • Software selection
  • Lab setup
    • Implementation support
    • Equipment communication
    • Automation support
    • Setup and site acceptance test
  • Lab digitization
    • Workflow analysis
    • Data definition, alignment and contextualization
    • Improvement and optimization
    • Software and equipment communication
    • Automation projects

Our solutions


We developed a small device that translates all signals from lab equipment into the data exchange standard OPC UA. The PAT-Box is manufacturer-independent and works with a variety of lab devices like pumps, scales, temperature or spectroscopical sensors, just to name a few. The interfaces offer ultimate flexibility and are adapted to the customer´s requirements.

The PAT-Box provides a wide range of possible applications: It can connect individual devices to realize versatile control loops within a process or it helps you to network the entire lab and on top of that ensures data conformity. Existing equipment can also be integrated into OPC UA applications for remote monitoring or network systems like LIMS or SCADA.


Qubicon is a data management, real-time monitoring and process control software. It automatically unifies data sourced from online, atline and offline devices into a centralized database. This enables remote monitoring of all relevant process data in real time as well as flexible alarms via email or SMS.

Qubicon takes biotech and pharmaceutical process monitoring to the next level by comparing live quality data to reference runs and calculating key performance indicators and Soft-Sensors based on mathematical models. In this way, relevant process information can be used for endless control opportunities - even if several individual devices are involved in the control task. Qubicon is applied in R&D labs as well as in entire GMP production plants.

Individual software

Sometimes unique software is required to support unique processes

The Qubicon biotechnology and software development experts use their know-how to offer and create individual software solutions and UI/UX designs for special customer requirements in the life sciences sector.

Our team covers all aspects from requirements analysis, project management and programming to software maintenance and support. Whether in the planning or in the development phase, each step is coordinated individually with our customers until the solution fits perfectly.